Always building something

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The members of Scoot's Canoe have dabbled in Minecraft on and off for years. Alex ran several reincarnations of a server for us over Hamachi (definitely not Hamacho) and we'd pour hundreds of man-hours into a world before getting bored and moving on to other, more important things like getting mad about HoN.

After Alex's last server was brought down sometime in 2011, the members of Scoot's Canoe joined another Minecraft server and played on the world that is now immortalized in this map. That server was reset on March 3rd, 2012, but Scoot's Canoe involvement on the world is steadily dying out.

On October 28th, 2012, at the behest of Alex, a new incarnation of the Scoot's Canoe Minecraft Server was spun up.

Name Scoot's Canoe Minecraft Server
Platform Windows
Address minecraft.gilgi.org
Port 25565
Version 1.5
Mods CraftBukkit, Vault, Lockette, Gringotts, SignShop
Game Type SMP
Slots 20
Admins TheVindicator, Housman101


Users Online


  1. No attacking other players unless dueling.
  2. Any traps on public land must be clearly marked by warning signs.
  3. Repair all damage made by creeper explosions.
  4. Do not build on land clearly used by others. Try to mark land with fences/signs to avoid confusion.
  5. Do not harvest crops, trees, or animals grown by others without their permission. Do not take items from chests without permission.
  6. When mining, use right-hand rule. Place torches on the right as you go deeper, so anyone can walk with the torches on their left to get out.
  7. Completely cut down trees (don't leave bits at the top) and leave waterways open for boat travel.

Lock Chests (Lockette)

Place a sign on the side of a chest and only you will be able to access it.

Currency (Gringotts)

To create a vault, place a chest and put a sign above it that says "[vault]". Iron Ingots and Iron Blocks placed in this chest count towards your account balance.

Note: Vaults need to be locked if you want them protected.

Saying "/money" in the chat will show you your current balance. This includes Iron in all your vaults and in your inventory.

Trading (SignShop)

A shop is a sign whose first line is "[Buy]" or "[Sell]". The second and third lines are arbitrary (you can use them to describe what you're buying or selling) and the fourth line is the price. Once the sign is placed, create a chest to store what you are selling and place 1 unit (e.g. a stack of dirt or 4 bread) of what you are selling in it. To activate the shop, wield redstone, then left-click on the chest and then on the sign.

Left-click on a store sign for information on what it's buying or selling. Right-click on the sign to buy/sell.

Signs have colors: blue means the shop is stocked and working, red means the shop is out or overstocked, and black means the sign is not active.