Bringing it back from the dead


From the earliest stages of the development of the network, it was clear that it would never be complete without its own IRC server. This dream was finally achieved in February of 2012, when the gilgiNET IRC network went live for the first time ever.

Unfortunately, nothing good lasts forever, and the IRC server was taken down on March 8th, 2012, mainly because of the system resources it was taking up, but also because nobody ever came to talk to me on it.

Upon the dismantling of gilgiNET, Scoot's Canoe migrated back to its origins on coldfront, where it can still be found today.

Channel Description
#scootscanoe Our main channel
#sc-csgo For the lucky ones with beta keys
#sc-css Anyone up for some pugs?
#sc-descent Learn why trichording is awesome
#sc-dota2 Don't let Martin play alone
#sc-hon AKA general rage channel
#sc-minecraft Build something with us
#sc-sc2 Play 3's and 4's without Nathan
#sc-tf2 Basically a trade channel
#apsc EVE nostalgia channel