A Fistful of Canoes

Dota 2 1v1 Mid Tournament

Tritz and Gilgi are proud to announce the inaugural Fistful of Canoes Dota 2 1v1 Mid Tournament.

  1. The first player to die twice or lose two towers loses.
  2. Players cannot kill neutral creeps or kill enemy creeps in side lanes.
  3. Players are given an extra 150 starting gold, which must be spent on a Courier.
  4. Players cannot purchase or use a Soul Ring.
  5. Players can purchase and use a Bottle, but cannot use a Courier to refill the Bottle.
  6. Players can use and bottle runes.
  7. Players cannot use gold gained from tower kills in side lanes.
  8. Players cannot pull neutral creeps into their lane to kill off friendly creeps.

Draft System

  • Both players are given the same set of three matchups.
    • The matchups will be chosen at random from the List of Possible Matchups below.
    • If the same hero shows up in more than one matchup, the matchups will be redrawn.
  • Both players privately veto one matchup.
  • The matchup played is chosen randomly from the non-vetoed matchups.
  • The hero and side for each player is chosen randomly.
  • Both players play each side of the matchup.
  • If the series is tied, a Shadow Fiend vs. Shadow Fiend match will be the decider (no items, no runes).

List of Possible Matchups

  • Templar Assassin vs. Windrunner
  • Shadow Fiend vs. Tinker
  • Magnus vs. Mirana
  • Leshrac vs. Zeus
  • Queen of Pain vs. Lion
  • Invoker vs. Shadow Fiend
  • Templar Assassin vs. Batrider
  • Invoker vs. Windrunner
  • Shadow Fiend vs. Pudge
  • Shadow Fiend vs. Viper
  • Enigma vs. Batrider
  • Templar Assassin vs. Venomancer
  • Leshrac vs. Shadow Shaman
  • Puck vs. Queen of Pain
  • Rubick vs. Tinker
  • Ancient Apparition vs. Shadow Demon
  • Lich vs. Sniper
  • Puck vs. Tiny

The tournament will be run as a double elimination bracket. All matches will be best of three except for the finals, which will be best of three, best of three.


Game 1


Game 4


Game 2


Grand Finals


Game 3


Game 5



All participants must wager any Spiral Knights crowns in their possession. The winner will receive eternal glory and the entire pot of crowns.

As of March 20th, there are 2,668 crowns, 6 Krogmo coins, 4 crates, and 1 Dota 2 key in the pot.

All matches will be streamed live on the Scoot's Canoe stream.


  • manlyTomb
  • Gilgi
  • Holiday
  • VindicatoR-

This tournament is open to all current Scoot's Canoe Members. To sign up for the tournament, please post in this thread indicating your wish to participate.


  • manlyTomb (10 crowns wagered)
  • Gilgi (2,197 crowns wagered)
  • Holiday (6 Krogmo coins wagered)
  • VindicatoR- (461 crowns, 1 Dota 2 key, and 4 crates wagered)