What's nu? Frequency

This weekend, the Scoot's Canoe Dota 2 Leadership Committee released the details of the upcoming Internationoob 2012 competition. The Internationoob is a hero-learning, skill-building program in which Scrub Tier members of the Scoot's Canoe Dota 2 Team can progress to higher tiers of Dota 2 play. The contestants must win a total of five games (one of which must be played in Captain's Mode) with a positive (K+A):D differential while playing a selected high tier hero. Doing so earns the contestant the point value (PV) assigned to that hero. Once a contestant reaches 70 total points, they "graduate" from Scrub Tier. The details released this weekend include the final selection of top tier heroes as well as the point values that each hero has been assigned by the Committee. You can follow the progress of the Internationoob 2012 "here":/internationoob.
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