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The Scoot's Canoe Tech Committee has completed more improvements to the website over the past few weeks. The "About page":/about now features a grid of Scoot's Canoe member Steam avatars and a recently-cleaned-up status display on mouseover. We have also added a "Skype page":/skype with a link to our Skype group chat. Finally, there is now a "Starcraft 2 page":/sc2 that showcases the league standings of the Scoot's Canoe Starcraft 2 Team. As always, please feel free to make comments and suggestions. To get access to the blog, contact Thomas or just email posts to ""
The Scoot's Canoe Tech Committee continued to roll out minor improvements to the website through the last week of September. In addition to the Teamspeak status checking mentioned in "this blog post":/blog/2012/09/24/ts-mess-finally-resolved/, we have also introduced similar status checking (through some very slick JSONP APIs provided by "": for the "CS:S server":/css and for the "Ventrilo sever":/ventrilo, which, although seldom used by Scoot's Canoe members, now has its own page under "Servers":/servers. Of course, the statuses for all these servers and everything else on the network can also be checked live at "": In the near future, the Tech Committee plans to finally do something about the lack of a real "About":/about page. Stay tuned for more updates, and feel free to contact us with any suggestions, comments, complaints, or bug reports.
After a long summer of spotty Teamspeak availability and dissatisfaction with the overly-confusing backup server solution, the Scoot's Canoe Technical Committee has finally gotten around to cleaning up the mess that was the Scoot's Canoe voice communications infrastructure. The old primary Teamspeak server has been officially retired, and the backup Teamspeak server is now the official Teamspeak server. The result is that "":ts3server:// is _the_ Scoot's Canoe Teamspeak Server and no one has to worry about keeping track of which server is the currently active server. This server is hosted by Amazon for increased uptime and reliability. Finally, the server status shown at "": and at the "Scoot's Canoe Teamspeak server page":/teamspeak is now updated live.
This weekend, the Scoot's Canoe Dota 2 Team adopted a new rotating Fleet Commander leadership system. The first two Captain's Mode matches played under the new system were FC'd by Martin and Nathan. Both matches resulted in impressive wins for Scoot's Canoe, providing validation for all the theorycrafting and debate flooding the Scoot's Canoe Skype chat.
This weekend, Valve finally added the much anticipated hero Meepo the Geomancer to Dota 2. The Scoot's Canoe Dota 2 Team decided to investigate the hero's abilities in an in house bot match. The image below left speaks for itself, but the one number that sums it up best is Nathan's 989 XP/min. Below right is a featured matchmaking game where Nathan went an impressive 18 and 7 in a 33 minute match.