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Today, Dota 2 Portal released "an awesome teaser trailer": for the "Dota 2 Portal League": Hats off to the organizers of the League for what has so far been a very smooth and well-run league, and thanks for the sick trailer!
The hotly anticipated Scoot's Canoe debut in Dota 2 Portal League play on Saturday night resulted in overwhelming success for the pride of Omaha, Nebraska, as Martin captained a ragtag team, hastily assembled in the moments before the match, to a two-to-naught victory over the likes of Clan Dream. Participants in the match from the Scoot's Canoe side included Vindicator, DirtyB, The Doctor, Housman, and manlyTomb, but the real story behind the sensational win lay in the week-plus of pre-match preparation dominated by the parsing and analysis of prior Clan Dream game results. With some ninety-odd game results compiled, each featuring multiple Clan Dream members, Scoot's Canoe was able to anticipate opposing strategy throughout the drafting phase, and as a result, went into the match with an early advantage. Of course, excellent play from the team saw this advantage through to fruition. Early reports from the first game's drafting phase were optimistic. With their first two picks, Scoot's Canoe secured Dark Seer and Jakiro, two heroes whose dominating performances in the Dota 2 pro scene have often led them to be banned early in the draft. Played by Vindicator and manlyTomb, respectively, these heroes were complemented by Housman's Venomancer, Doctor's Sven, and DirtyB's Queen of Pain for a lineup full of team-fighting potential. This proved to be too much for Clan Dream to handle. Exceptional performances from Vindicator (6/2/20) and DirtyB (12/2/11) highlighted a polished effort from Scoot's Canoe - while experience and levels slightly favored Clan Dream even into the midgame, Scoot's Canoe did not trail their opponents in gold earned at any point. This disparity led to a 35-15 win. The second game proved to be even more lopsided. Wary of the previous game's top performers, Clan Dream used two of their bans to remove Dark Seer and Queen of Pain from the pool of available heroes. Scoot's Canoe responded with a powerful ganking lineup, with Vindicator on Bounty Hunter, Doctor on Leshrac, manlyTomb on Visage, DirtyB on Night Stalker, and Housman on Sven. Early kills by an aggressive trilane of Housman, Doctor, and manlyTomb and an outstanding 23/4/6 performance from Vindicator led Scoot's Canoe to a 44-19 rout, leading Clan Dream in both experience and gold at all points of the game. While Clan Dream struggled to contain Scoot's Canoe's impressive lineup, they were gracious in defeat. "WELL PLAYED SIR's" commented Clan Dream's Chlenix, at the conclusion of the second game. "Love it; gg guys," added ConnorBS. Scoot's Canoe's strong play in the first match of the Dota 2 Portal League is an encouraging sign of things to come. They are slated to face Noobs Becoming Pros in week two. Stay tuned!
Last week, the Dota 2 forum community "Dota 2 Portal": "announced": the first Dota 2 Portal League. Scoot's Canoe is proud to announce that we will be participating in this international semi-professional league. We are honored to have a spot among some fantastic teams from countries all over the world. The list of participating teams, standings table, and other information are available at the "league homepage":, and a list of the matches to be played each week can be found in the "schedule": The first round of the 15-week league starts next week, and live streamed games cast by amateur commentators are expected to start soon after. GLHF!
This week, "NETWAR":, the esteemed organizers behind the biggest and hypest recurring LAN in Omaha "announced": their latest event, NETWAR 24.0! This announcement has been long awaited, as "the last NETWAR": was back in April of 2011, and NETWARs are supposed to happen "at least 2 to 3 times a year." At any rate, we're very excited and are already planning seating and tournament squads for CS:GO and TF2. The inclusion of LoL on the official tournament list was met with dismay, especially since it comes at the expense of the exclusion of Dota 2, which is clearly the superior MOBA. We hope that participant voting will clear up this issue and put Dota 2 on the official tournament list where it belongs. As Informal NETWAR Team Captain Martin put it, "I will never play LoL."
Scoot's Canoe is proud to announce that a new incarnation of the Scoot's Canoe Minecraft Server has been spun up at the behest of Alex. The server is currently running vanilla Minecraft 1.4.2 and can be found at Additional technical details on the server have been added to the "Minecraft server page":/minecraft. The status of the Scoot's Canoe Minecraft Server can be checked live on that page as well as at "": If the server is down or if there are any other problems please contact Thomas. Have fun and happy building!